Baking Accessories

The world of baking offers the magic of hand mixers and standing mixers, bundt cake pans, proofing baskets, dough hooks, rolling pins, and dutch ovens. If you are into bread, you can save a lot of time by using a bread maker machine. Old school lovers of kneading dough by hand, or making sourdough bread, can enjoy using a proofing basket. Proofing baskets give your dough a place to rise, add richness of flavor, and are easy to maintain. Visually they are appealing, and add a touch of rustic nostalgia to your kitchen.

Standing mixers are a boon to the at home or professional chef, as it is a great time saver. While you are allowing your items to cream, mix, or fold, you can work on other preparation needs. When it comes to purchasing a rolling pin, there is plenty of room for debate, about what style of pin is best. Most people are used to the rolling pin with the handles on the sides. Depending on the material and construction of the pin, they might find this too heavy and the handles to move too much with the roll, or just right for their rolling method. The classic French dowel rolling pin, which looks like a table leg, offers a unique roll. Due to the nature of the French rolling pin construction, there is more flexibility with weight distribution and angle of rolling, for making hand-rolled croissants, or puff pastry dough. Think about buying restaurant silverware to present your pastries in the most elegant way.