The Old Get Better & the New Keep Coming

You can say many things about the Irish but you cannot accuse them of resting on their laurels in terms of their golf courses. The past few years have witnessed many changes to existing layouts and many additions to an already mighty array of world-class golf courses. And though it’s hard to pick particular courses worth of special mention, it must be said that the developments at Waterville Golf Links in Kerry and the addition of The Heritage Golf Club in Laois are just two examples of the constant improvement in the Irish golfing product.

If you had played Waterville three years ago, you would have thought there was no way you could make it better but that is just what the renowned US golf course architect, Tom Fazio, has succeeded in doing. Beginning with a few minor tweaks, the work was tackled in phases over three years and has resulted in the radical redesign of five existing holes, along with the addition of two completely new holes – the downhill 194-yard 6th and the superb 424-yard 7th, which plays along a rising fairway edged on the right by a deep burn. Of the other alterations, the changes to the 1st and the 16th are probably the most dramatic and must be seen to be believed. In short, what was always magnificent; is now breathtaking!

In a country that has seen the opening of many excellent new courses recently, it speaks volumes that The Heritage is being hailed as one of the very best. Co-designed by Seve Ballesteros and Jeff Howes Golf Design, The Heritage is a different type of course that neither fits the “parkland” or “links” tag exclusively; and this is central to it charm. Situated about 40 miles from Dublin just off the M7 Route, The Heritage can be played from a Dublin base or is ideally located to play on the way to the Cork or Kerry region from Dublin. The clubhouse is truly magnificent and overlooks both the 9th and 18th greens, while a luxury hotel, conference centre and leisure club is set to open later in 2005.

Press Realise

Toronto, ON – Personal Auto Brokers, a personalized car buying service, finally proves that car shopping can be easy,
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Personal Auto Brokers is a personalized car buying service that works with the customer. They locate the car the
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“Shopping for a vehicle is a very time consuming and stressful experience. Most people dread going from dealership to
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Personal Auto Brokers works with all types of buyers, first timers and veterans. One of Gina’s customers, Steve Morrison,
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Monique saved $3125 on a 2006 Toyota Corolla.

Personal car shopping is a huge trend in the US and it’s starting to grow in Canada. “Today people just don’t have time
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Personal Auto Brokers pride themselves in providing their customers with a hassle-free car buying experience while
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Trade Ins

Car trade-in deals

Personal Auto Brokers knows the true value of your car so we will negotiate a fair
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Mileage, upkeep and overall condition are the 3 major components that determine
the worth of your used car. When determining the value of your used car, the lowest
estimate will probably be from the dealer. In the majority of dealerships nationwide,
the average gross profit on a used car is higher than that on a new car, even though
the selling price is less. Why? Because dealerships make it a point to get trade-ins
at the lowest possible price to ensure a higher gross profit when sold.

Don’t let this happen to you! Let Personal Auto Brokers get you the full value of your
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Why Personal Auto Brokers?

Whether you want to buy or lease your new vehicle, Personal Auto Brokers will
save you time and money while making the experience easy and stress-free!

  • Convenience – Saving Time

Using an online car broker saves you the time and effort of having to hunt on dealer
lots, an activity which most people find to be an inconvenience.

  • Negotiations – Saving Money

Since we have professional relationships with networks of new and used car dealers,
we are able to secure discounted pricing that we can then pass along as savings to you.

  • Peace of Mind – Buying with Confidence

You will enjoy the confidence of knowing that you have a professional
advocate on your side in the car buying process, so you don’t have to worry about the
possibility of fraud, deception or other consumer woes that are all too common in the
auto industry.


How We Work…

Personal Auto Brokers is focused on getting you the best car buying deal and
providing you with stress-free car buying or leasing experience while saving you
money. Here is how the process works:

Step 1: Consultation – We Get To Understand Exactly What YOU WANT
• Meet with you over the phone, online, or at your home or office
• Assess your driving needs and examine your budget
• Discuss current market conditions and car prices
• Select a new car that suit your needs
• Appraise your used car (if necessary)

Step 2: Negotiation – You Relax, We Negotiate
• Locate the exact car you want
• Negotiate the best possible price and terms including all rebates, incentives and
dealer financing promotions
• Negotiate the best possible trade-in price on your used car (if necessary)

Step 3: Administration – You Enjoy Your Time, We’ll Handle the Paperwork
• Manage all paperwork and administrative details
• Deliver your lease/purchase/trade-in paperwork straight to your door

Step 4: Delivery –  You Stay In, We’ll Come to You
• Your car is ready! Pickup your keys or we’ll deliver the car right to your doorstep!